Gnomeregan Part 3: From Pummeler to Pummeled

WoW Classic - Gnomeregan

Well. We did in fact head back to Gnomeregan over the weekend. We did not, however, creep in through the side door, as I’d envisaged. It turns out that in our excitement during the previous run, we had neglected to fulfill some quest requirements (including Techbot and processing our punch cards in sequence). So, back in through the Train Depot we went.

Once inside and warmed up, things were humming along pretty nicely. We moved through the instance at a good clip. We made savvy use of survivable jumps and elevators. We took care of Crowd Pummeler 9-60 without incident.

Then we entered the hallway of the Dark Iron Agents. I didn’t take them seriously at first. Mistake. I’ve attempted to capture the emotion of that dark moment, and those which followed, in the latest film.

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