New Series: Relaxation with Ula

WoW Classic - Ula relaxing in elven hot tub

At some point I noticed that in addition to blood and gore and harsh environments, Azeroth in WoW Classic was designed with some cozy, relaxing spaces that are actually peaceful to spend time in. I more recently discovered a corner of YouTube where relaxation and meditation videos are on offer.

Examples of relaxation music videos on YouTube.

Putting the two ideas together, I’ve now just released the first in a planned series of videos featuring Ula relaxing in beautiful or cozy environments, overlain with soundtracks of especially calming music.

The first video, Volume 1, features mesmerizing music by David Fesliyan.

Volume 1 relaxing locations:

  • NELF tub in Astranaar
  • Inn at Menethil Harbor
  • Fountain at Darkshire
  • Temple of the Moon at Darnassus

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