Classic This Week: Half-way Points, Drop Values, Onyxia Heads, Tokens

How Close to Half-way Are We?

The most important WoW Classic post this week is by our own Viniki over at TAGN. It ponders whether he, and by extension we, the guild, have hit the half-way point in the game. The challenge is that it’s not so easy to define “half-way” in Classic.

Ten Items That Increase in Value in Later Phases

This is actually an interesting list in that it matches some drop items with the exact Phase in which they suddenly become more useful. Unfortunately, with Phases 4 and 5 still on the horizon, that doesn’t assist with my current predicament of not being able to afford level 40 mounts. I’m also skeptical about how much more valuable these items will actually become on our server, from an auction house gold perspective, because our economy seems off and is not following what I remember from the original game at all.

Blizzard Addresses Onyxia Faction Buff “Exploit”

This HappyGamer post does a good job of explaining the Onyxia’s Head faction buff and how players in the enemy faction can be recruited to cause it to reset. Apparently, Bliz does not consider this to be an actionable exploit, but simply a part of the game that may be slightly unethical. Translation: Not worth recoding.

WoW Classic Gets the Token in China

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about this week,* Blizzard apparently is introducing “Tokens” to Classic on the Chinese client. These Tokens can be purchased for real money and can be used to pay one’s subscription, and, sadly, also can be sold in-game in the auction house. Blizzard reportedly won’t confirm whether it might consider adding Tokens to western servers. My guess is that this would be a grave mistake.

* Ulalu is based in what increasingly is looking to become Coronavirus Central in Northern California. Please wish us all luck.

One thought on “Classic This Week: Half-way Points, Drop Values, Onyxia Heads, Tokens

  1. That article about items increasing in value in later phases is interesting. Might explain why I’ve felt so thrown off by the seemingly low value of some of the elemental drops right now compared to what I remember from back in the day.

    I also really hope that they won’t bring the WoW Token to other countries. I worry that it would mess with the economy and drive up the price of a lot of commodities as there would be more rich players just buying their wealth with real money.

    And good luck to you! These are strange times.

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