Ula’s Journey to Level Cap in Shadowlands

After a smooth entry into Shadowlands, Ula made it to level 60 in Retail Wow in just under a week. She was SIG (second in guild) after Wilhelm, who clocked in at level cap a half day or so earlier.

Apparently, a swift path to 60 is intended, with the new feature Covenants providing “rewards and perks” to keep you playing WoW. We will see.

Times have changed.

The sojourn through the four non-Maw zones was fun most of the time. (I’ll comment on the Maw another time.) As usual, the artwork is beautiful, and I enjoyed what I absorbed of the storylines. Really, a lot of work has been put into this expansion.

Public transport from the main city, Oribos, is a scifi space-swimming electricity worm in full armor. Here we are approaching Bastion.
Our arrival at the gates of Bastion – an exciting moment: a new zone!
Scruffed by a giant, rude, blue angel in Bastion. This happened multiple times.

Since I hadn’t played Retail in a while, many of the quest mechanics are new to me, which is refreshing. I’m also becoming less overwhelmed by all the changes to the game as I gradually figure things out.

Maldraxxus has its share of disgusting things, but this tops the list. I skinned it anyway.

There are lots of cinematics in the introductory quest line, many of which featured Ula herself. Such a hero!

Another rune down!

Hero or not, Ula encountered survival challenges when soloing. She did resurrect, despite constantly being referred to as “mortal” by NPCs, but getting back to her body could be frustrating, especially in the many areas of uneven and unforgiving terrain.

Being sent to my death once again.
Owl stewards collecting their dead while following us around in a very bad area. I felt sorry for them, especially that time their cart got stuck on a crenellation.
If you experienced the hell of soloing the Sepulcher side quests as a frost mage, you’ll understand why I was not in a good mood that day. And now I’m more than a little concerned about the prospect of Torghast.
We must have done something right to get here.
Featherberry and Moonberry. Really?
Ok, maybe Ardenweald isn’t all bad.
Very blue.

My least favorite zone is Revendreth. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with it, it’s just not to my taste. The world reminds me more of the Disneyland haunted house than World of Warcraft.

Gargoyles aplenty.

Fortunately, I like gothic architecture and gargoyles (who doesn’t?), so the experience wasn’t completely unpleasant.

Kind of tired of getting rag dolled around though….

I was soloing when I finally hit 60.

Verbally abused till the end.

Of course, that wasn’t the end at all. At this point I still hadn’t finished the introductory quest line, which is required before I can make the life-altering choice of Covenant.

I could use not seeing this jerk again.

I persevered, but after dying and ressing multiple times and falling into an even worse mood, I finally took a break and waited for Skronk to accompany me through the rest of the line with constant heals.

And that was it’s own adventure. I’ll save the highlights, and my choice of covenant, for another post.

On a bright note, we did get to assist in punishing the tormented soul of old Houndmaster Loksey at one point.

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