Getting Started in the Land of the Night Fae

When we left off, Ula had just pledged the covenant of Night Fae, despite my misgivings about their armor set and dislike of fae berries. Her next task was to report to these people and become inducted.

After hearing about Skronk’s smooth experience joining Bastion, I was unprepared for what lay in store for me. I wasn’t just sworn into this Night Fae group; I was, to put it bluntly, jumped in.

First, it turns out that the Night Fae are thespians. You know, show people. If that was revealed during the intro quest line, I missed it. I don’t have a problem with that, except that upon my arrival they immediately forced me into a stage production. I was made to re-enact all of the key boss battles from the expansions I had not purchased – while receiving actual damage.

Not surprisingly, as a meagerly-geared cloth wearer these fights didn’t go well. I died multiple times, on a stage, in front of a cheering and sneering crowd of fae, treants, satyrs, and other strange people.

At one point, they forced me to carry out a giant blow-up ball representing Azeroth and stab it with a sword. Then they laughed at me.

(No comment.)
Make her carry a comedically large, blow-up sword, too!

Another time, they dressed me as a two-legged pantomime horse.

This really happened.
At least they were entertained.

However, when it was all said and done, and after ressing several times backstage, I did get a decent reward. My first covenant mount!

I earned it.

Aside from the glowy runes, the best part of this mount is its kick!

Then it was off to the first of many audiences with the Winter Queen.

She’s not as bad as she looks and kindly granted me official membership into the Night Fae Covenant.

I received the honorary title of Huntress of the Wild Hunt, Champion of the Court of Night, and Protector of Ardenweald (which I can’t put in my nameplate, disappointingly).

Finally, I could begin the real (end game?) content. I was introduced to Renown, received my sleek vulpin form, called to my first Calling, received access to the Forge of Bonds, and opened up my Anima reservoir.

It was a lot to take in.

We won’t level anymore, but we will renownify.
I can’t sit in this, but I can curl.
Valuable items are always a good motivator.
Empty your anima bags here and get more things.
The Forge of Bonds, for soulbinding. (More on this later.)

It would seem that I’ll be kept busy enough, at least for a while.

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