Scarlet Monastery Graveyard With the Boars’ OG Tank

WoW Classic - Scarlet Monastery - Bloodmage Thalnos

Last weekend was a momentous one for Crag Boar Rebellion, as we welcomed the return of our real OG warrior tank, the one and only EarlTheCat! Even though Viniki and Scscla have been holding their own with tanking, it’s nice to have a seasoned professional back in the group.

This did leave us with a small challenge, however. For the first time in our history (that I can recall) we had 6 players on at once, all ready to group up for an instance. To accommodate this, we opted for an early run through the Graveyard in Scarlet Monastery as a 6-person raid.

We fared pretty well, I think, given our lowish levels and odd configuration, which essentially included three tanks, a flock of meme-spec paladins, and a twitchy warlock. (Learn more about that in TAGN’s post.)

Here’s how it all went down, condensed into a thrilling three-minute video.