Scarlet Monastery Library With Four Boars

WoW Classic - Fighting in Scarlet Monastery

Over the holidays we managed to get in a run at the Scarlet Monastery Library with a meager group of four, Viniki serving as tank. Ulalu didn’t produce a video for that one. But! Last weekend we reassembled the group and headed back for a second assault on the more bookish members of the Scarlet Crusade.

In reality, the action of the day didn’t end there. We decided to see how far we could make it into the Armory with this group, too. Get all the details about both runs in TAGN’s post.

4 thoughts on “Scarlet Monastery Library With Four Boars

  1. First time I’ve seen the video before reading one of Wilhelm’s write-ups. Looks like it went very smoothly but I’m sure there was something I missed, probably because I couldn’t stop looking at your revolving hat. It’s the star of the show!

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    1. The related post will be up tomorrow. WoW had a big patch today and I wrote about that first.

      We did a bit more than the video shows, so there will be additional narrative. I will guess from your reaction that you missed the bit at about the one minute mark where the Scarlet NPC runs over and kills Skronk.

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