Four Boars Make a Pilgrimage to the Scarlet Monastery Cathedral

WoW Classic Scarlet Monastery Cathedral - Mograine

Last Saturday we assembled without much advance planning, thinking we might revisit the Armory for another round at the wildly spinning Herod. But as we prepared to set out, our intrepid tank Viniki dropped a bomb: We were to attempt the Cathedral this night.

We were all too shocked to protest, and of course no one wanted her peers to think her cowardly, so off to the Cathedral we went.

The journey to the monastery was fraught with danger and grief, but I’ll leave those details for TAGN’s upcoming post. Once we arrived at the instance, things proceeded on a stronger note. Yet all would not be perfectly well on this pilgrimage.

Enjoy the film. I’ll update with links to TAGN’s post when it goes live, which should be around the time he stops grumbling about the betrayals of Camelot.

UPDATE: The TAGN post has finally posted!

So we have completed an initial run-through of the Scarlet Monastery! Which instance shall we tackle next?

4 thoughts on “Four Boars Make a Pilgrimage to the Scarlet Monastery Cathedral

  1. More great work! My post will be up tomorrow. I generally plan on Tuesday/Wednesday so there will be a video for me to embed at the end of the post. Until then I will continue grumbling about betrayals in the manner to which I have become accustomed.

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  2. Heheh! That looks like a lot of fun – for a given value of “fun”. Plenty of careful pulling, I notice, and some excellent running away. looking forward to the full report, especially what happened on the way.

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