Ula Gets Whitemane’s Chapeau

Whitemane's Chapeau - WoW Classic

Saturday afternoon we ran through Scarlet Monastery once again, this time to complete In the Name of Light, a quest which none of us had yet picked up during our original runs-through.

After the final battle against Scarlet Commander Mograine and High Inquisitor Whitemane (which we pulled off pretty well, avoiding the hijinks that befell us on the first run…) we all waited eagerly in silence while Viniki checked to discover what loot Whitemane, the main boss of the prodigious Scarlet Monastery, had to offer.

We heard him gasp.

The High Inquisitor had dropped one of the most lovely cloth hats in the game, the venerable Whitemane’s Chapeau.

The two casters present were Ula (mage, of course) and Skronk, our priest.


The Chapeau is equally appealing from a DPS and healing standpoint. Also, Skronk and Ula were wearing the same hat at the time, the incomparable Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator, so this would be an equal upgrade for them both.

I suggested a roll. Begrudgingly, Skronk complied.

And Ula won the roll.

Skronk lost the roll.

Ula graciously accepted the hat and suggested that the group revisit the Cathedral soon to see if the hat drops again, at which time it could be awarded to Skronk as well. After all, a 37.42% drop chance isn’t that bad.

The suggestion was met with grumbling and mumbling which I couldn’t quite make out.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Skronk of Crag Boar Rebellion for his sportsmanship in the whole situation, and for supporting Ula’s gearing and fashion endeavors.

The hat looks very beautiful on Ula. And the stats aren’t bad either.

Hop into YouTube and set your player Settings to 1440p60HD for best results.

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