Classic This Week: Arathi Basin, Battleground Holidays, Retail Leveling Comparison

To be fair, this week’s This Week actually spans a couple of weeks, because last week was a slow one in terms of WoW Classic news. Getting the most attention is the opening of the final WoW Classic battleground, Arathi Basin.

Arathi Basin Opens

Blizzard opened the level-20+ Arathi Basin PVP battleground on March 10. I have many memories of Arathi, having achieved Retail Scscla’s Sergeant Major rank mostly there. I’m not sure nostalgia will be enough to get me back into PVP, however.

And also: Planned for some time in April are the level-60 Zul’Garub dungeon and release of the raid-level Dragons of Nightmare, which drop interesting loot. We Boars won’t be experiencing either of these any time soon (at least not intentionally).

Classic Battleground Holiday Dates Begin

These are something I wasn’t even aware (or remembered) existed. Battleground Holidays are spans of several days when you can earn extra honor and rep in a specific battleground. And they are soon to roll out. Here’s the Holiday schedule as Blizzard has described it so far.

Accounts Suspended As Blizzard Cracks Down On Cheating

Speaking of battlegrounds, this news has delighted many players who currently participate in them by actually playing the game, rather than running their character into a wall while they go have a smoke or three.

My hope is that other forms of cheating, such as the mage-quest Mana Surges XP cheat, are also being addressed.

World of Warcraft Classic vs. Retail Leveling Comparison 20-40

This article is a very detailed look at the different experience you will have while leveling essentially the same character from 20 to 40 in Classic vs. Retail. It does a good job of demonstrating many of the key differences between the games, and the positive and negative aspects of both from the perspective of leveling.

[Video] Classic is More Casual-Friendly Than BFA

Here’s a YouTube video that caught my eye. It’s premise is that Battle for Azeroth has so much going on from the moment you log in, that it’s overwhelming and may send you logging back out and into the relative serenity of Classic if you’re not a hardcore player.

Although Wille is probably talking more about “casual” raiders vs. serious raiders — and I’m not in a raid guild of any kind — I can still relate to the overwhelmingness of BFA.