Our Assault on Sunken Temple Has Begun

I return with news. Upon special request, I’ll be composing an Ulalu film featuring our Sunken Temple runs! It will be a nice break from my break editing WoW Classic films.

If you follow TAGN, you’ll know that the Boars have been faring relatively well in past months. However, we’re still a four-being group, having lost our lock early on and with our OG tank stuck in some confusing semi-quarantine universe in a strange land over five thousand miles away and without a gaming machine.

Nevertheless, this past weekend we took our first stab at the temple under the lake. Click here to read Wilhem’s write-up about the run.

I also hope you enjoy this short trailer.

And for a relaxing trip into the past, sit back and watch Wilhem’s original Sunken Temple music video featuring our 2012 instance group. The music will be familiar; it’s an original piece by our own Earthecat and his band, titled Sunken Temple.

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