There’s a Reason It’s Hard to Remember the First Darkmoon Faire

Gnome at the Darkmoon Faire - WoW Classic

I was excited to see the announcement for the very first WoW Classic Darkmoon Faire this week.

Although I haven’t visited the Faire in Retail in years, I have fond memories of a time when we could shoot ourselves on-target out of a cannon, battle mini battletanks around a little course, and stock up on lucrative prize tickets, crafting XP, and rep.

I should have taken the time to read the many “Differences between Retail and Classic” asides on Wowhead Classic.

On the very first night of Faire operations, Scscla (sh-sh-la) immediately headed out to Horde territory to find it. I also should have taken the time to read the warnings for Alliance making their way to the Faire’s location in Mulgore.

Fortunately, Scscla did eventually arrive. But as she approached the camp, it became clear that this was not the Darkmoon Faire I remembered. A paltry ring of rundown wagons and a few tents housed vendors and quest givers that to Scscla, barely into her mid-thirties and frightenly broke, were effectively useless.

Out of the entire excursion, she came away not with a 14-slot bag, but with one Scroll of Strength II and one Heavy Leather Ball.

It turns out that the very first Darkmoon Faire wasn’t much to write home about. Alas, it’s one item ticked off of Scscla’s bucket list, at least.

I put together this short film so that you, too, can share in the experience.

Hop into YouTube and set your player Settings to 1440p60HD for best results.

3 thoughts on “There’s a Reason It’s Hard to Remember the First Darkmoon Faire

  1. The tonks are kind of neat, if there is somebody else around to play with. But it did seem pretty sparse in attractions, though you could spot some of the stands that made their way into the current version of DMF in retail.


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