Classic This Week: Secret Cities, BWL, Events

Hey! I’m coming across so many interesting tidbits about Wow Classic that I thought I’d start a weekly roundup of offsite links. We’ll see if there continue to be enough of them to justify a weekly post — stay tuned.

10 Secret Cities in Classic World of Warcraft

This is a surprisingly interesting article about lesser-known, and lesser-fully-understood, cities in Wow Classic. The Darrowshire story sparks my interest, but I doubt I’ll ever complete the quest line, which as mentioned, requires a full raid group.

I’m also drawn to the Dancing Troll City. I don’t think I remember it from the original game or Retail. Apparently it requires Slow Fall or Levitation or a similar skill to get there, so with Slow Fall, perhaps Ula will add it to her bucket list.

The Darkmoon Faire Has Arrived For The First Time

I’ve already complained at length about the topic, but one noteworthy aspect of this article is that the author agrees with me.

There aren’t any carnival games, and there’s no roller coaster to ride. To be frank, it’s honestly. . . drastically inferior to the modern version of the Faire.

Kenny Kimberly, HappyGamer

And there you go.

A Good Fourth Quarter for Blizzard

The Boars’ own Wilhelm blogged about Blizzard’s financials this quarter, with obviously the most interesting point being that Bliz’s subscriptions doubled with the release of WoW Classic.

I do take issue with one of Wilhelm’s statements in the piece, however.

. . . Darkmoon Faire . . . will make people happy . . .

Whilhelm, The Ancient Gaming Noob

Oh, no. Just no.

World First Classic Blackwing Lair Clear

This week Archimtiros informed us that the first two clears of Blackwing Lair were completed (nearly simultaneously, it seems) within the dungeon’s first hour live.

Several streamers also commented on the instance feeling easier than Molten Core overall, and some bosses flopped over in a matter of seconds . . .

Archimtiros, Wowhead Classic

Flopping bosses? Maybe something is afoot after all!

Love Is in the Air Arrives in WoW Classic

Close at the heels of Lunar Festival, the next special in-game event is already upon us. And I think it’s a bit more entertaining than Darkmoon Faire. But will it be enough to appease the angry mobs of WoW re-subscribers who are disenchanted by game dynamics?

Soup salad comment in response to Blizzard’s announcement of Love Is in the Air.

Perhaps not.

If you found something else share-worthy this week, please share it in the comments.

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  1. Hmm. That Dancing Troll Village sounds like it’s up there with the Gnomish Airfield as a must-see destination. I have a couple of weeks left before my sub expires – I migth see if I can make time to go see it. Shame the author of the piece doesn’t include a map but the description looks clear enough.

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