The First WoW Classic Love Is In the Air

Scscla in the bank during Love Is In the Air

Last week we experienced the very first Love Is In the Air event in WoW Classic. The not-Valentine’s celebration involves a lot of pink and red decorations and pink and white floaty hearts hovering over NPCs in major cities.

And also this thing fluttering about.

I don’t know where or how to get this.

Having very little memory of LIItA in Retail, much less in the original game, I didn’t go into it with any set expectations. (Such was not the case with Darkmoon Faire). And it wasn’t a bad little event. Although I did not make it through the line of available buff rewards, two of my gnomes completed the main quest line, which resulted in acquisition of interesting new outfits.

Always a win.

So, back to those buff rewards. Here was the problem. The instructions I found on sites like Wowhead were almost as confusing as the tool tips and NPC event dialogs in-game. It may be something about the way my brain works, but every attempted explanation of these things literally sounds like who’s-on-first banter to me.

How to earn Love Is In the Air buffs.

Therefore! I was unable to take advantage of event buffs, aside from a few 1-hour buff chocolates I pried away from an artificially love-struck Stormwind guard.

As I mentioned, I got a better result from the main quest line. It’s called Dangerous Love and the premise is that the perfumes and colognes which are being sold by inn keepers are magically tainted and potentially harmful. Troublingly, they’re selling like crazy because they’re required for achieving buffs, for those who can figure that out.

The quest requires a lot of running around from NPC to NPC until you’re eventually sent out to find a very hard-to-find Apothecary Staffrom Lerent in Alterac Mountains. Of course he’s French.

Spoiler: This is the guy behind the perfume/cologne epidemic, and he desperately needs counseling to help him get over someone. Only then can he stop lashing out at the world by injecting harmful products into commerce.

Once you help M. Lerent sort out his issues, you’re awarded your choice of three colors of Lovely Dress or Dinner Suit. Given that the other gnomes are too low-level for Alterac, I picked these up for Ula and Scscla only.

Not the best outfits in the game, but acceptable, I suppose. My first complaint is that Scscla’s suit looks like a set of long johns (or should I say union suit?). Second, Ula’s dress is not very classy. I mean what’s with the barely-there front and the thread-like shoulder straps that disappear into her back fat? Nevertheless, it does pair nicely with Whitemane’s Chapeau.

Today’s movie follows Scscla through her tumultuous Dangerous Love quest. Enjoy!

For best HD, hop into YouTube and set your player Settings to 1440p60.

Update: Apparently the little Cupid goblin shown above is a “Peddlefeet,” which follows you around for a while if you’ve been hit with a Silver Shafted Arrow.