Classic this Week: Patch, Addons, Improving the Faire

This week saw a valuable battleground patch, something about a streamer, a look at add-ons (which I think should be “adds-on”), and a return to the Faire.

Bliz Patches the Battleground Queue Drop Bug

I’ve not been active in battlegrounds so far, but this bug sounded especially infuriating. Players were being logged off after waiting in the queue for as long as an hour, and of course lost their place in line completely. As HappyGamer reports, this experience should now be a thing of the past.

32-year-old Streamer Quits Classic Because He’s a “Boomer”

Here’s a strange one. Then again, as an Xer, maybe I just don’t quite get anything that I don’t care about. A streamer called “sodapoppin” announced that he quit Classic because, in summary, it wasn’t worth playing if he couldn’t achieve Rank 14, and he found that he in fact could not achieve that rank because, at the age of 32, he is “a boomer” and his reaction time is too slow compared to the “zoomers” who dominate the crowd trying to achieve Rank 14. So he’s switched to a game about dinosaurs.

helena bonham carter what GIF
Ah yeah. Rank.

Anyway, moving on.

A Look at 10 “Essential” Add-Ons For Classic WoW

I significantly limit the addons I use in WoW Classic, for the usual reasons. That said, this article is an interesting look at ten of the most popular. Of these, I currently just have Auctioneer installed. It’s useful, but has annoying quirks.

I was surprised to see that so many addons in the list are encyclopedic. They give you information about bosses and gear that you could otherwise find with a quick Google search. They’re nice-to-haves, I suppose. And I will admit that having Deadly Boss Mods would have kept me from getting yelled at in PUGs a few times in the original game.

Making the Most of Darkmoon Faire

Over on Bloodsail Buccaneers (the Boars’ own esteemed server) the guild Darkmoon Faire has held what will be its monthly Darkmoon Faire Extravaganza. To make the Faire worthwhile (which it otherwise isn’t), they’ve added their own round of trivia, a scavenger hunt, a fishing contest, a dueling tournament, and a number of solo acts including Greatmother Imbrium Wildmane and Ergeth the Great. Nice!